Handmade silver jewelry - table runners- original art - high quality one of a kind items

As long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for business.  When I was a young girl I set up a stand in my front yard so I could sell my own homemade candies and my mother’s home grown zucchini.   With the help of my little neighbors used to spent the day selling goodies to all who passed by.

Years later, upon graduation from college in 2005, I couldn’t resist the urge to open my first store, “Dorka’s” in Hamden, Connecticut.  It was my first real business and the hardest one!  The experience taught me many valuable lessons that no business school could teach.  I am proud to say that my first store was running for three and a half years, even during the difficult times when the nation’s economy was slowing down and other business were having difficulty staying open.  I had no intention of closing my doors.  Then my husband was suddenly relocated to Ohio.  We  moved to West Virginia just across the Ohio River.  I was very lonely; had no friends and missed having my own business.   I spent many days enjoying the West Virginia mountains and taking daily walks where I met many people.  Then I thought, I can start an online business with the unsold inventory from Dorka’s.  That  was the beginning of Silver & Things, where I offer unique, affordable and handcrafted items by many artists.  

My advice to those who dream of having their own business:  Start small;  Your first attempt might fail, but do it anyway because the experience you gain will help you to be successful with your next attempt.

Thank you for supporting my business.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or suggestions; also, we can connect through Facebook,

www.facebook.com/www.silverandthings.net the perfect place to exchange photos and business ideas.  “Together we can go further.”


Ruth Osorio